Open Ephys Acquisition Board

This is the documentation site for the Open Ephys Acquisition Board, an open-source interface for acquiring up to 512 channels of extracellular electrophysiology data over a USB connection.

Photograph of the Open Ephys acquisition board

Key Specifications

  • Headstage connectors: 4 (up to 2 64-channel headstages per connection)

  • Maximum channel count: 512

  • Data interface: USB

  • Analog inputs: 8

  • Digital inputs: 8

  • Supported operating systems: macOS, Linux, and Windows

Where to buy one

You can order an assembled Acquisition Board from Open Ephys Production Site , and headstages and cables can be purchased from Intan. You can also order an Open Ephys Starter Kit, which contains everything you need to get started (except for electrodes and a computer).

Because all the designs are freely available, you can also build the Acquisition Board yourself. We estimate you’ll spend about 2-3 days of work and about $1000. Follow the instructions here to learn how to build your own board.

Getting Started

Besides the acquisition board, you will need these other components to start collecting data. If you already have all of the necessary parts in your lab, follow the Quickstart guide to learn how to start collecting data right away. Otherwise, we recommend reading through the sub-pages to help you decide which components to buy.

Open Ephys logo

User Manual: Quickstart Guide

Read this if you're just starting out.

A laptop

User Manual: Software Guide

How to install software.

A screwdriver

Assembly Instructions

How to build it yourself.

Some books


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