Computer hardware

A computer with the following specifications is recommended for experiments that use the acquisition board:

  • Operating system - the acquisition board works equally well on macOS, Windows, and Linux (all distros).

  • Processor - A 4-core, 3.0+ GHz processor is fine for 32-channel recordings, but you’ll want more cores and more speed as you scale up. Having a faster processor will allow you to build more complex signal chains without worrying about CPU overload. The GUI uses multithreading for data acquisition and recording, so having more cores is also helpful.

  • Memory - at least 1 GB of memory per 32 channels.

  • Data storage - a solid state drive is strongly recommended, and required for any recordings involving more than 128 channels.

  • Graphics card - a good graphics card is not critical for data acquisition. However, consider upgrading your graphics card to speed up offline analysis steps (such as spike sorting).

  • Connections - At least one USB 3.0 port