Annotated Merger editor
Allows multiple signal chains to be combined into one.#

Plugin Type



Windows, Linux, macOS

Built in?


Key Developers

Josh Siegle, Aarón Cuevas López

Source Code


Plugin configuration#

First, drop the Merger into the editor viewport right of the first signal chain to be merged (input A).

There are two ways to connect the second signal chain (input B):

  1. Click the bottom of the Merger to display input B, then drop the desired source plugin to the left of the Merger.

  2. Right click on the Merger’s name to bring up a popup menu that shows all of the plugins available for merging. Select one of the options to connect it to Merger input B:

Merger popup menu

The Merger has no effect on the underlying data; instead, it instructs the GUI to connect all of the channels from its two inputs to the output plugin. This can easily be seen when visualizing the relevant portion of the signal chain in the Graph Viewer:

Merger graph view